The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 25 Episode 135 – 30/07/2020
July 30, 2020

Thanks for reading!I’ve seen the sign along the autobahn as we drive in that direction, but I didn’t actually think it would be anything interesting! We plan on visiting this summer.

We were – literally – alone in our Youth Hostel, during the Easter School Holidays!! We did an annual pantomime and Snow White was one of the favourites. Sounds like the town does a nice job with the trail and storytelling. It’s not what many residents of Lohr expected either, leading to plenty of raised eyebrows and a predictably vibrant discussion over the appropriate use of public funds…But, in the artist’s defence, is art not an excellent vehicle for stimulating discussion and providing us with food for thought? Thanks for sharing on #culturedkidsThank you for a. Today’s visitors to Lohr can follow in her footsteps via the “Don’t get me wrong: it was a great hike. Main within Main-Spessart districtWolf-Armin Frhr. After all, certain elements of fairy tales seem painfully dated – and sometimes even totally inappropriate – in today’s world. It was reputedly able to talk, and an interesting feature is the motif on the upper right, stating “As you explore Lohr and learn more about its history and heritage, more and more connections to the Snow White story can be found. The “Magic Mirror” is located in room 215 of the Spessart Museum (Schlossplatz, 1). The municipal territory extends on both banks of the The Main river valley is steep with an elevation change from 160 m above The bedrock, with a depth of about 400 m, is made up mainly of Moreover, the town of Lohr am Main also owns plots of land within other municipalities, namely The town of Lohr am Main was settled no later than the 8th century, and by the time of its first documentary mention in 1295 it was already the main centre of the In 1333 Lohr was granted town rights, which can be explained by the disagreement about the inheritance of the Counts of Rieneck-Rothenfels, which had died out. That said, this hilarious artwork is obviously going to disappoint young Snow White fans like my daughters.And therein lies the beauty of Lohr am Main – you can find your personal fairy tale there, your individual interpretation of the story of Snow White through art, nature, history and culture. Lour am Main looks beautiful, we are well over due another German sojourn. Closed on Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday. Love Disney stories and half-timbered towns so will definitely need to add this to my list!! #farawayfilesWhat a wonderful place to visit! She appears to have been much loved by the local population too for being “charitable towards the poor and the suffering”: a true people’s princess.Regardless of any association with Snow White, the charming narrow streets and colourful timber-framed buildings of Lohr am Main effortlessly inspire imagery of fairy tales and other magical children’s stories.Shortly after the death of Maria Sophia’s mother, her father remarried Claudia Elisabeth Maria von Venningen who, as we all know, has since developed an unfortunate (and probably undeserved) reputation for vanity and murderous intent. C.H.Beck, München 2009, Gedenkstätten für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus. From 1603 to 1618, during the "Recatholization" many townsfolk fell victim to On 2 April 1945, Lohr citizen Karl Brand was murdered, because he wanted to surrender the town to From 1972 to 1978, the surrounding communities of Halsbach, Rodenbach, Ruppertshütten, Sackenbach, Steinbach, Wombach and Pflochsbach were amalgamated with the town.

This landmark castle was built during 14th century. Ash and I relished the physical challenge and appreciated the absolute calm and natural beauty of this “great forest”. The besotted husband bestowed his new wife with a gift of a magnificent mirror, which is today proudly displayed in the Spessart Museum in Lohr.Yes, this is the REAL magic mirror: who knew this actually existed? #CulturedKidsVery interesting to read about the real Snowhite and how storytelling gets a twist. The town takes its name from the eponymous river that flows into the Main in the municipality. And lucky you to not have to fight any crowds over the Easter holiday! Lohr’s Tourist Information Office is located at Schlossplatz, 5, just opposite the castle. Local Legends in Lohr About Snow White. Maria Sophia was born in this castle in Lohr in June 1725, and is described in family chronicles as being “an angel of mercy and kindness”. #FarawayFilesOh my, I love this post. Thank you for this well written blog!Well this beats the Disney schmaltz! The details are great!

Thanks for sharing this with us on #FarawayFilesGosh! I absolutely love finding the real stories behind the fairytales and not a bit surprised that it was based on a real story. The wavy bend most likely refers to the Lohrbach, a local stream.

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