The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 25 Episode 135 – 30/07/2020
July 30, 2020

Rate. She is surprised and impressed by how much he has contributed to the community through polka music. Leroy - exasperated once and for all at Urkel's unending clumsiness - decides to take the insurance settlement and get out of the restaurant business, but Rachel finds the opportunity of a lifetime in the burned-out rubble. Harriet Winslow gets verbally abused by her boss Mr. Benner who of which insults her directly in the office after that she get Mr. Benner's position after he gets fired.
8. When Laura gets drunk at her sorority party one night, Maxine calls Steve to come down to the sorority house to take her home.

After he takes her home, Laura ends up kissing him before passing out. Family Matters Theme Song Season Two The second season of the family sitcom as Family Matters which originally aired on ABC. Season 7 Episode 1 Little Big Guy 9/22/1995 Family Matters Video Clips & Extras Steve Urkel collection Clip (04:18) Do The Urkel Dance Clip (01:54) Family Matters Season One Cold Opens No Longer Aired Clip (03:29) Best of Steve Urkel-Part 2 Clip (07:14) Steve Urkel playing basketball Clip (04:20) Best of Steve Urkel-Part 1 Clip (06:54) A few weeks later, Myra makes a visit to the Winslow House deeply regretting her decision unfortunately, Steve does not want to reconcile.Meanwhile, Eddie quits college and decides to go to Police Academy to be a cop like his dad. She was happy that he's living in a new family who loves him. 21 Sep. 1990 Rachel's Place.

This time he's not alone, his sidekick, Carlsbad is going to help him try to take over Steve and Carl's souls and place them into their dummy forms meanwhile they pose as the real Steve and Carl. Carl - embroiled in a dispute with Urkel's father - has a dream about he, his family and Urkel living in the Old West. When Steve announces that he's not going to propose to her and decides to go live in Russia with his parents.

a list of 15 images Meanwhile, Myra makes one last push to get Urkel to come back to her, by pretending to be his fiancée.

Urkel and the Winslows get jobs at the mall for during the holidays. Carl gives Urkel a few pointers, but gets plenty of black eyes instead. Laura asks for some sympathy from her mother, but Harriette just wishes Carl would pay half as much attention to her as Urkel does Laura. Once successful, he brings the crew home.
There, the dispute over a compost heap - this time, with Two-Gun Urkel, the most annoying gunslinger in the West - grows heated and results in a shoot-out. Steve and Laura attend the biggest polka festival in all of Chicago.

However, he doesn't see it the same way as her.

Urkel fantasizes about saving Laura and subduing the criminal, but things don't quite work out that way.

She and Stefan team up to ensure their happiness is complete. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette are quarreling over their anniversary. Even though Murtaugh nearly blows the undercover scheme, Carl is able to take the criminals into custody and gives his partner credit for setting up the sting. School bully Willie Fuffner has his eye on Laura, who wants nothing to do with the guy that is intimidating others, including Greg, the guy Laura really wants - to the dating sidelines.

Steve and Stefan arm themselves with roses and rings.

Today is Halloween and Steve plans to spend a nice, quiet one with his girlfriend, Laura.

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