The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 25 Episode 135 – 30/07/2020
July 30, 2020

They go to Stars Hollow and Lorelai finally begins to accept them. Rory and Logan have a good relationship and they even move in together after Paris's kicks Rory out of their apartment.

However, prior to that, he falls in love with a woman named Sandra Horn but is distressed that when he returns, she will be 40 years older, and he will remain the same due to him being in suspended animation for the trip. The rupture ends when Rory realizes that she can't get back at him with Jess because she still loves Logan, and it improves even more when Rory takes care of him after a base jumping accident in Costa Rica involving the Life and Death Brigade.

However, slowly she changes her mind when she needs help on a article of a secret society that Logan is in called the Life and Death Brigade, she is fascinated by the club and is convinced to take a dangerous jump with Logan causing Rory to look at Logan in a new light. However, Logan, not wanting to lose Rory and caring about her more than any other girl, agrees to a monogamous relationship. Logan proposes to Rory one episode later, but Rory asks for more time to think. Lorelai wrote a letter and Rory agreed to give Logan another chance.

Rory gushes about it with her Mum, and says that although Lucy still won't speak to her, Logan and her are back on track together. Logan proved himself even worthy more when he and Rory save the Newspaper under Paris's tyrannical reign.

Logan was threatened by the arrival of Jess in Season 6, even more so when he found out that Jess and Rory had been "high school sweethearts", and acted a little bit like Jess in comparison to Dean. He also tells Rory that he has trust in her when Rory admits she has a crush on a T.A. During that relationship there are signs that they both want more like when Logan is jealous of Rory dating his friend Robert, Rory eventually decides the relationship is too much for her so she tries to end it. ❝Logan – People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute, you climb up here with me, it's one less minute you haven't lived. Rory – Let's go.❞ ―Rory agrees to jump from the scaffold with Logan. All is well until Rory found out that he had slept with his sister's friends just before Honor's wedding, which causes a more serious rupture.
They've ended their affair, but Rory is now pregnant and it is a very possible that the baby is Logan’s. Logan is potentially the father of Rory's unborn baby. Logan does not make an appearance in the final episode, Rory says she hasn't talked to him and the pain comes in waves.

He leaves tragically for the expedition, heartbroken, but it's revealed that during the trip, he turned off the suspended animation to be the same age as Sandra, unaware that Sandra has put herself in suspended animation to remain youthful with him. However, Logan saw this as a break up and proceeded to sleep with his older sister's friends for comfort. Logan also comforts Rory at a party after she and Dean break up.
As it turns out, the rocket refers to a past moment in their relationship (which has not been depicted on the show) where she and Logan are watching an episode of The Twilight Zone from 1964 called 'The Long Morrow'. The pair soon make up.

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does rory go back to yale in season 6