The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 25 Episode 135 – 30/07/2020
July 30, 2020

how about.. America/Closing Time – Allen Ginsberg/Tom WaitsSpell/Footnote to Howl – Patti SmithHadda Be Playing On … It was sacred communal communication. So, a sense of sacred heart. So he pictures the audience as one “Fitzgerald himself’d weep to see / student faces celestial, longhaired angelic Beings planet-doomed to look thru too many human eyes.” Then the vision: “Princeton in eternity … Old poets half a century ago … alcohol trembling in immortal eyes, Fitzgerald & Kerouac weeping, on earth once —”With his Twin City roots, Fitzgerald joins another of the old poets of Princeton “alcohol trembling in immortal eyes,” John Berryman, the poet-scholar who lived and taught and wrote in Princeton from 1943 into the fifties and jumped to his death from the Washington Avenue bridge in Minneapolis, January 7, 1972, the year "Allow us to help you, to help your busines!

So it was a beginning of the exploration of the senses, which actually is the first scratchings of the Buddhist meditation exercises we would learn. What better company to keep during the chaos of coronavirus and the president’s rabble-rousing? I got a little scared, wondering if this was what it did to your sense of time and space. And when I saw the Cezannes, I discerned his use of space, understanding his use of hot colors advancing and cold colors receding. What can you do but try to keep pace, making a bid for vicarious relevance by tying your weekly hovercraft to art and adversity in the belief that inspired acting, poetry, music is always timely, always worthy of interest. It was the first time I ever had solid evidence in my own body that there was a difference between reality as I saw it myself and reality as it was described officially by the state, the police and the media. Let’s make the choice not to blow up the world.” Now you have seven hundred and fifty thousand people marching in Central Park saying, “Listen, don’t blow up the world. Assembled before White House filled with mustached Germans ….

As music for disturbing the nervous system and unsettling it, so that young kids would lose sexual mores, lose their sense of reference point and solidity, clearly the Moral Majority’s idea, or the Bircherite’s idea.

No, he said the cool hippie, politic manipulator, rationalist got too much of the dominant command in the ’60s in political terms. You’ve got to be real serious. It all boils down to one simple thing, one common rhythm, which is why you could take “Love in Vain” from Robert Johnson and then transform it electronically into gigantic form with the Rolling Stones, but it is basically just that one body rhythm which is universal, the one rhythm common in music and in poetry. I was somewhat disappointed later on, when the counterculture developed the use of grass for party purposes rather than for study purposes. Presidential cranium case spying through binoculars / from the Paranoia Smog Factory’s East Wing.”That was 50 years ago, May 9, 1970. Now the Birchers very early, back in the early ’60s, picked up on that and began talking about LSD and rock ‘n’ roll as brainwash music. And there was a lot of self-manipulation and hypocrisy.

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